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Fire Apparatus Serviced & Repaired by Firefighters

What Sets Us Apart

We have begun using FullBay. But what matters is how we use it.

It is very important to us that customers remain in the know about what we do, and what makes up an invoice. We trust existing customers can vouch for our documentation track record.

For what we mean, please read more!


  • Service, not sales. We are not motivated by sales. Service is our product.
  • We Listen. Whether it's about your truck, or a suggestion for us improving.
  • Must know why it broke. Replacing non-maintenance parts as a troubleshooting step is not what we do. We find a way to prove what the problem is. It's the only way to be sure the problem is fixed!


E.V.T. Class for F3 & F7 is scheduled for February 12-15, 2024. EVT test planned for 2/16/24.

Click here for full details and to register.



Brigade Tek LLC
221 Old River Road
Suite B
Bridgewater, VA 22812

  • If you wear T-shirts, we want to add ours to your wardrobe. Fill out this form to request one! Limited to our service area.

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