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Service, not sales!

Service is what we do. Sometimes we sell parts with our service. Service is our product, our bread & butter. We want you to be able to tell us how we are doing. Our most significant steps seem to usually come from somebody being honest with us.

For more about us, please see that page.

Preventative Maintenance

We perform annual preventative maintenance as outlined in NFPA 1911 1910. Annual is typical, although we often schedule per request.

Example PM report


We work on fire trucks. We are an independant shop, with no brand affiliations. Our scope of practice includes anything with pumps from full rebuilds to leaking drains, plumbing & valves, electronic controls, etc. For chassis repairs, we do brakes, air system, HVAC, and everything electrical. While we do external engine and transmission repairs, we are not yet capable of internal engine/transmission repairs, and some chassis work like leaf springs.

Performance Testing

On-site NFPA 1911 performance testing.

Why Us?

  • Our technicians hold multiple E.V.T. and ASE certifications. EVT certs: F1, F2, F3, F4, F4A, F5, F7, F8; ASE certs: T-4
  • We are Firefighters, not just mechanics, hence have a working knowledge of how it's supposed to work (and how it gets abused).
  • We use documentation effectively. Internally, we use a custom app built with Appsheet to document all work orders and maintenance. Externally, we can give our customers access, which allows them to view all information we have on their trucks, including any active work orders and all historical data.
  • Regardless of our customers utilizing Appsheet, we send a PDF of the work order to them, which includes any photos or documents.
  • We are insured.

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