Service, not sales!

Service is what we do. Sometimes we sell parts with our service. Service is our product, our bread & butter. We want you to be able to tell us how we are doing. Our most significant steps seem to usually come from somebody being honest with us.

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We perform annual preventative maintenance as outlined in NFPA 1911. Annual is typical, although we often customize per request.

Example PM report

We work on anything 'fire truck' related. We do not do repairs involving internal engine, transmission, or drive train. We do some truck chassis work, like On-Spots, steer cylinders/hoses.

Some examples of repairs we do:

  • Valve rebuilding
  • Packing/mechanical seal replacement
  • Internal pump and pump transmission repair
  • Any Electrical- DOT lights, warning and scene lighting, starting/charging, pump interlock
  • Generators, engine and hydraulic

We feel chassis, engine, and drive train repairs are done more effectively by truck shops. We have several for referral. Please call if you want to talk about a problem your having. We'll tell you if we can do it well or not.

Coming Q2 2023

On-site NFPA 1911 performance testing.