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Created 2024-02-04. To be continued…

Brigade Tek Admin 2024/02/04 16:38

In our quest for effective documentation, we have been through several iterations of documentation methods.

For the past two years, we have used our third and longest lasting solution using Google’s AppSheet. We used it to create work orders, and track progress of work from diagnosing to ordering parts to repair and invoicing. Preventative maintenance was also recorded.

While it is the best we had to-date, it did not have customizable PM forms. That means many items don’t apply to the truck at hand, and some items didn’t exist on the form.

We are now implementing FullBay’s software. The most significant feature is customized checklists. This means we build a service list from manufacturer recommendations and NFPA. We can add a checklist for Detroit 92 series, with each service interval. Some things are based hourly, by time, or miles or combination of these. FullBay tracks all this data, so when a PM is done the appropriate items are performed. Items are not performed unnecessarily which saves money (or rather, doesn’t waste money), but we know we know we are doing what we needs to be done.

Brigade Tek Admin 2024/02/04 17:20

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